Wellness days

Earn up to 28 500 points by booking your sessions for your Health Check with HIV screen, Nutrition Assessment and Fitness Assessment at Body Innovation on our Wellness days. Each session takes 20min and you could earn up to 28 500 points all under the same roof!!


You earn 2500 points for completing the Health check, bonus points are awarding based on the number of screens that fall within the acceptable range, up to 20000 The screening includes;

  • BMI
  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose and Cholesterol
  • Waist circumference

Cost of R263 once a year from your Screening Benefit for the Vitality Health Check. If you don’t have all the screening tests on the same day, you will have to pay for the tests you have later from your Medical Savings Account or your pocket. If you are a Discovery Life policyholder, you will need to pay for the Vitality Health Check yourself. If a waiting period applies to you or your family you can only use the Screening and Prevention Benefit when your waiting period expires. If you have a second Vitality Health Check in a year, it will not be paid for from the Screening Benefit, but as a day-to-day expense. So, you will need to pay for it from your Medical savings Account or from your pocket, according to your Plan type and available benefits. An HIV test can also be done on request which earns you 5000 points, costs are paid by Discovery medical aid from your discovery screening and prevention benefit if you are on Discovery. If you are a Discovery Life policyholder, you will need to pay for the Vitality Health Check yourself.


Earn up to 15 points that will be awarded to you every month for the next 6 months. The Fitness Assessment can be done twice a year, 6 months apart. The benefit of opting for a Fitness Assessment to determine your physical activity level is that the results are valid for 6 months. Plus, the best result of either the Fitness Assessment or your Active DayzTM will count towards the rewards. In other words, if the result of your Fitness Assessment places you on Activity Level 4, but your Active DayzTM for the month place you on Level 5, then the rewards will be based on Activity Level 5.


If you are a Momentum Health member or have Momentum Myriad life insurance, you can earn up to 15 points rewarded for 6 months.

During the health assessment, we will measure your:
Blood pressure
Height, weight and waist circumference. This, together with your age and gender, will be used to calculate your body fat percentage. Body fat percentage will not be calculated if you are pregnant or if you have given birth in the last six months.
Results from your completed health assessment will be used to calculate your Healthy Heart Score and identify which category your heart health falls in, either green, amber or red.
If you are not satisfied with your body fat percentage results, you can choose to have a four-skinfold test done. This does not form part of the fitness assessment and will have a cost involved.

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Good Health is Good Business

Customise a wellness program to suit your company needs.

      Welness Days

      • Put together a fun, educational and uplifting wellness day for employees where we do Health and Fitness assessments.

      On-site Massages

      • Relax and unwind with a deep tissue massage

      On-site Fitness

      • Encourage employees to get active with onsite fitness or stretching classes. Exercise improves mental performance and self-confidence.

      Did you know?

      • There are about 69% of employees willing to take part in wellness programs whenever provided by the employer. This is an indication that employees are genuinely interested in the effort put forward by the employer. It is important, however, for employees to understand that a successful wellness program is entirely dependent on dedication and participation level coming from employees.
      • Other than offering the conventional incentives for membership in the gym, the employer should introduce the health examination procedure to assess employees’ health status.
      • Tests may include tests on cholesterol level for glucose and lipid panel, tests on the level of blood glucose, blood pressure test, BMI (Body Mass Index) test and weight checks.